Monday, 12 December 2011

New Shoes Make Me Happy!

I have new shoes!! :-).. Another pair from Dorothy Perkins, I am very impressed with their shoes just now. I have test-driven these shoes and they were very comfy, and they are not too high so I can wear them during the day too! They were an absolute bargain. I was browsing the internet on a Sunday night (sunday nights seem to be lethal for my bank balance) and Dorothy Perkins were doing £20 off shoes. So I got these for just £25!! I am a very happy girl. 

Christmas is getting closer! I watched The Holiday last night so I am really getting in to the Christmas mood now. (And I maybe had a mince pie for breakfast this morning....)

Happy Monday

Love Fee


  1. I still need some new shoes! PS. Christmas is over, but I still want to give you a present.. Join my ‘Mystery fashion goodiebag’ giveaway with Monki, Pull & Bear goodies and more! here:

  2. new shoes always make me happy x

  3. Absolutely fantastic!!! You have an amazing blog! You're brilliant! Have a great week! :-)

  4. wooaw!
    they look gorgeous! ♥
    Did a good choice with this shoes :D